Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson is the Founder and Managing Director of Aerial Edge in Glasgow, UK and a trapeze artist. Mark has specialized for the last 20 years in education for both technical, physical and artistic disciplines. Mark studied at The Circus Space, London; The Circus Warehouse, New York, ARCAA, Sydney, The Circus Centre, San Francisco and Circocan in Brazil. He has been teaching aerial disciplines since 2007.

Mark has an extensive background in Chinese Martial Arts and Tai Chi; he is an international gold medal winner and has been training and teaching for the last 28 years. Mark is also the Head of eLearning and Innovation for a large International telecommunications manufacturer and manages large scale global education projects in telecommunications technology. One of his key responsibilities has been to create education curricula and to roll-out certification programmes across international telecommunication organisations.

He now builds and runs virtual teams providing global education solutions and education applications Mark has used his education management skills in areas other than telecommunications including one of the UK’s largest Tai Chi and Martial Arts organisations and being a previous Chairman of the UK Tai Chi Association.

Teaching teachers and creating quality education systems has been Mark’s passion for the last 20 years. Mark is the Managing Director of Aerial Edge and the Chairman of the Edinburgh Aerial and Acrobatic Convention.